Jette Ferguson Real Estate Group at Sotheby's International Realty offers this list  of contractors with the hope of supporting our clients.  Past clients have recommended them.

AGENT - REAL ESTATE, Juliette "Jette" Ferguson, 831-402-3800 

ATTORNEY, Kyle Krasa, Trust Attorney 831.920.0205

APPRAISER, Gerry Enders, Independent R.E. Research, 831-372-3181,

FLOORING, Carpet Caravan, Joe Flores 831-394-2700

FLOORING, Michael Krokower, Grand Avenue Floors 831.277.0341

CHIMNEY, Cypress Sweeps, John Crocker, 831.915.0411

CHIMNEY, Morrell/Forbes, 831-625-1034

ESCROW, Old Republic Title: Heather Tremper, 831-372-7378

ESCROW, Chicago Title, Linda Harvey, 831-796-3481

GENERAL CONTRACTOR, Paul Murrer 831-241-3988,

GENERAL CONTRACTOR, Brian Bellam, 831-277-7497

HAULING, Charles Smith

GARDENING - HAULING Victor Carranza 831-277-6226

HOME INSPECTIONS, Murrer Certified Inspections, Paul Murrer 831-241-3988

HOME INSPECTIONS, Proview Home Inspection 831-275-0244

HOUSE CLEANING, Yolanda Morse 831-236-5125

INSURANCE Tracy Chappell, State Farm 831-601-7953

MORTGAGE, Jeff McMullen, Kal Financial 831-210-4034,

MORTGAGE, Mike Boerlin, Blue Adobe, 831-626-2112,

MORTGAGE, Michele Reen, American Pacific Mortgage408-626-1879

LOCKSMITH, TechnoLock Marina, Angie Nader, 831-789-3390

MOVING, Mel Green, Cardinale Moving: 831.632.4100,

ORGANIZING, Cammie Jones, Organizing - Packing, 770.403.3779,

PAINTING, Beth Williams - Eric Castro, Williams Painting: 831.760.0177

PAINTING, All Star Painting - Brian Bellam, 831-277-7497,

PESTS, Critter Getter, James Schittler, 831-596-6482

PLUMBER, Alejandro Trinidad, Rooter King, 831.394.5315 Monterey Peninsula

PLUMBER, Castroville Plumbing & Heating (closest to Monterey Dunes) 831-633-2510

REALTOR, Juliette "Jette" Ferguson, 831.402.3800, Sotheby's Int’l Realty,

ROOFER, Cirrus Roofing, Humberto Media, 408-670-3199

TERMITE, Cypress Pest Inspection 831.372.1972

TERMITE, Ailing House 831.624.8211